IGS Nordend

School type: State-owned inclusive comprehensive school

Age group: 10-16

Number of students: 600

Year elected: 2016

IGS Nordend is located close to Frankfurt's city center and exists since 1992 – today, it is one of the pioneering state schools in the integration of children with mental and physical disabilities. As a state school, IGS Nordend has to follow the regulations of the Ministry of Education. Nevertheless, it has been able to pioneer and establish new approaches for the integration of disabled children, the establishment of mediation training as part of the curriculum, as well as the embracement of creative education as an important part of education for all children.

The school prides itself on being a democratic team school, with mixed teams of teachers and experts working independently with specific groups of students.

The school’s motto is “School of Diversity”, following three main principles:

(1) Diversity of Learning: The school is constantly improving and changing the formats of learning and teaching. The school has an established system for innovative ideas in place, which guides the process from idea-stage to the establishment of a new norm.

(2) Diversity of Personalities: The school values each child as a unique and resourceful individual and promises to strengthen and support each child in their individual development.

(3) Diversity of Relationships: The school values emotional education highly. The school is a pioneer in establishing conflict management training and mediation as a crucial part of the curriculum for each grade. The schools mission is to enable children to become community-oriented people in their everyday actions and thoughts. The school understands itself as an institution where children learn to live peacefully in a community, learn to understand their own emotions and learn how to take care of each other.