School type: Public Secondary

Location: Utrecht

Age group: 12-18

Number of students: 560

Year elected: 2016

UniC’s educational vision is based on three pillars: Individuality, solidarity, and independence. This vision translates into a practice of teaching by means of self-developed and digital learning materials, a break from the classic courses and teaching in interdisciplinary learning domains, personalized learning tracks, and global citizenship projects to bring the outside world into the classroom. Taught by teachers in teaching teams, to students who work together in so-called ”buddy circles” -teamwork is an integral element of UniC’s teaching philosophy and significantly contributes to bringing about these essential qualities that make for empowered and engaged individuals.

Changemaking initiatives:

  • A systemic approach to facilitating and nurturing teamwork amongst students
  • Team teaching by teachers who specialize in specific topics
  • Teaching by means of self-developed digital learning materials in interdisciplinary learning domains  
  • Global citizenship as integral part of the curriculum and taught through projects that may be initiated by both teachers and students