School Type: Subsidised Private, Non-confessionnal Primary and Secondary School

Age Group: 3-18

Year Selected: 2015

logo singelijn.png

Singelijn gives tools to the students enabling them to excel well beyond their school curriculum. As a continuation of the primary school, a secondary school was initiated by a group of parents which also offers an active pedagogy and inclusive education.

By synthesizing several schools of thought and constantly questionning, challenging and adapting their methods, the school evolves on an ongoing basis to offer the best support to their students' learning.

Changemaker initiatives :

  • The inclusion of students with learning disabilities and physical, cognitive, social or psychological disabilities as a way to make allstudents grow in respect and appreciation for the richness of difference.
  • To ensure a harmonious continuity in the education of the young adolescents, the school fosters cooperation between students, between teachers and students but also between the school, families and external partners.
  • Children have the habit of learning through mind-mapping in order to mix artistic representation with basic learnings. They developed “solution corners” in Kindergarden where children can resolve conflicts on their own, without the intervention of an adult.