Carlogie Primary School

School type: Public Primary

Location: Carnoustie, Scotland

Age group: 3-12

Number of students: 348

Year elected: 2016

Social justice shapes Carlogie Primary School’s ethos and internal atmosphere, underpinning the way in which students, staff and the wider community interact with one another. The golden thread that has woven all of this together is the school’s identity as a Fairtrade School, where students and staff engage in learning opportunities that develop solidarity and understanding. Fairlogie Café is the school’s fairtrade café in which every student gets involved.

Changemaking Initiatives:

  • Playground Buddies - trained students in restorative conflict resolution approach;   
  • Carlogie’s Smiley Savers Bank Tellers project – a student-run credit union support;
  • The school is one of the biggest hubs for deaf students in the region, running numerous initiatives including a student deaf choir.