Cadoxton Primary School

School type: Public Primary

Location: Barry, South Wales

Age group: 5-11

Number of students: 380

Year elected: 2016

Cadoxton Primary School is a community school with an ambitious vision for the future of education captured in its motto – “Learning and Growing Together, Being our Best Forever”. In this school the drive for collaboration and innovation is almost infectious as students, teachers, parents and the wider community work together in powerful and exciting ways. Despite being at the heart of an area with high levels of deprivation, the school is at the forefront of integrating digital technology into education and it is a leader for the new changes in the Welsh National Curriculum.

Changemaking Initiatives:

  • The school runs the VocalEyes programme - a student-led digital forum to discuss and lead to implementation school and community improvement ideas;
  • ‘New Deal Pioneer’ initiative - training newly qualified teachers and aspiring school leaders;
  • The school leads the Studio Innov8 project – an initiative to share best practices among Welsh schools on the new national education network, Hwb.