Vathorst College

School type: Public Secondary

Location: Amersfoort

Age group: 12-18

Number of students: 962

Year elected: 2016

Talent and enthusiasm form the basis of the learning at Vathorst College. By pursuing the things that they are good at and passionate about, students develop a growth mindset and become more confident in their abilities. Working on their self-developed interdisciplinary curriculums, in open spaces, rather than classrooms, and the fact that students can take courses on different learning levels reinforces this culture of safety and mutual respect. Arts and creative courses are an integral part of the learning experience, and they way they are integrated into the curriculum boosts social engagement and personal development.

Changemaking initiatives:

  • As a Cultuurprofiel school, creative courses and talent development are integral part of the curriculum and the students’ learning trajectories
  • Integrating and connecting different courses by teaching along interdisciplinary curriculums
  • Working and teaching in open learning spaces
  • Allowing for students to take courses on different learning levels