United World Colleges Maastricht

© 2016 Poetae Lucis Media

© 2016 Poetae Lucis Media

School type: Public Preschool, Primary and Secondary

Location: Maastricht

Age group: 3-18

Number of students: 900 (500 primary, 400 secondary)

Year elected: 2016

Cognitive development is of secondary importance at United World College Maastricht. Rather than preparing students for their final exams, they are taught how to take on life and how to change the world for the better. In Maastricht, the international and unique UWC-concept has been adapted to shape a whole-school institution. As such, children aged 3-18 are encouraged, inspired, and embraced in a community where creativity, personal development, and empathy are an integral part of the curriculum. This safe learning environment and value-based curriculum nurtures confident, capable and caring global citizens.

Changemaking initiatives:

  • Building a school that is founded on educating for peace and sustainability
  • The school set-up as a whole school, housing children 3-18 with both Dutch and international backgrounds
  • Mandatory CAS (Creative, Active, Service) projects as part of the curriculum to nurture creativity and engagement for the primary school students
  • Community engagement projects, regionally or (inter)nationally organized by the students