Leon van Gelder

School type: Public Secondary

Location: Groningen

Age group: 12-16

Number of students: 600

Year elected: 2016

Leon van Gelder offers a unique educational set-up, where students stay in the same groups and with the same teachers for the duration of their learning trajectory at this school. They are not graded up until their final year, and only marked for participation and behaviour. With great emphasis on the development of social skills and teamwork, Leon van Gelder addresses the individual needs of each students by means of in-class differentiation. This engaged and empathetic approach to learning helps students get to know themselves, discover their strengths, work on their weaknesses, and become true team players.

Changemaking initiatives:

  • Students do not receive grades until their graduation year
  • Social skills courses are part of the curriculum for the duration of their stay at Leon van Gelder
  • Students follow a personalized learning track and are also allowed to take final exams specialized disciplines and on different learning levels.