School type: Public, Preschool and Primary

Location: Pijnacker

Age group: 3-12

Number of students: 270

Year elected: 2016

Casa’s ’all day all year’ approach fits perfectly with the Montessori foundation of their education. Providing individual learning tracks for each student, is convenient for parents and allows for flexibility in the teaching hours, as well as catering to the needs of children. In accordance with the Montessori methodology, children are trusted with a great deal of freedom from a young age onwards. As such, children at Casa become independent and responsible and learn to care for themselves and each other. By recognizing and respecting difference, Casa promotes equality and compassion amongst its students, which results in a peaceful and stimulating learning environment that breathes empathy.

Changemaker initiatives:

  • Casa is open 52 weeks a year, allowing for parents and students to organize their own holidays and teaching hours
  • The school has an integrated pre-school and after school care program
  • Casa offers bilingual education, taught by Dutch and international teachers
  • Montessori education as Peace education guides the educational mission of Casa