Scoil Íosagáin

School Type: Public, Primary School

Age group: 4-12

Number of students: 700

Year Elected: 2016


A primary school of over 700 students in County Donegal, Scoil Íoságin has both mainstream classes and special classes for students with autism and students with learning disabilities. Students from all the classes are integrated in as much of the school experience possible, including a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

Scoil Íosagáin creates connections between mainstream and special needs students to encourage empathy and build a strong sense of community within the school. The school emphasises both emotional literacy and academic achievement, and it provides many opportunities for children to take leadership in the community, from making important decisions as part of the student council to acting as Classroom Assistants. This is all captured in the saying, “We’re in it together: Ag Sugradh le Cheile, ag Obair le Cheile agus ag Fas le Cheile” (play together, work together and grow together).

Changemaker Initiatives:

  • "Reverse Integration" - Children in mainstream classes join their peers in special classes for lessons or other activities.
  • “Páistí le chéile”  - The school's drama group welcomes pupils of all abilities, including those with emotional and behavioural difficulties, and encourages them to channel sensory and emotional arousal in a positive and creative way.