Little Angels School


School Type: Public, Special School

Age group: 3-18

Number of students: 98

Year Elected: 2016


Little Angels School’s large staff of teachers and special needs assistants provide a rich education to 98 students with moderate, severe and profound learning disabilities and autism in County Donegal. Students range in age from 3 to 18, and Little Angels addresses their special needs with compassionate teaching, innovative technological solutions, and programmes carefully designed for their unique circumstances.

Little Angels School uses creative and comprehensively conscientious teaching techniques to serve students with moderate, severe and profound learning disabilities and students with autism. By using technology to creatively facilitate teaching, building an environment that encourages pupils to become as independent as possible and making children feel comfortable with therapy and a number of engaging activities, Little Angels School helps every student become “the best that they can be.” 

Changemaking Initiatives:

  • “Technology makes things easier for us but for people with special needs it can make things possible” - This school motto is brought to life through the use of iPads, eye-gaze devices and Talking Tin or BIGmack communication devices, together with techniques like Picture Exchange Communcation System and Lámh signing, that help children communicate, as over 90% of students are non-verbal. Moreover, some pupils, although severely autistic, show great affinity for I.T. and are encouraged to develop these skills.
  • Encouraging independence in students - Students are supported in navigating school as independently as possible. They get to help with shopping for the school, produce assemblies, play a role in the “green schools” initiative, work in the garden, and cook meals for the school on special occasions..