Eglish National School


School Type: Public, Primary School

Age group: 4-12

Number of students: 45

Year Elected: 2016


Established over a century ago in 1899, Eglish National School serves 45 students in rural County Galway, 70% of whom are from the Travelling community and a third of whom have a special education need. Three class teachers are supported by the rest of the school’s small staff to provide a broad and active curriculum that emphasises creativity and inclusivity.

Committed to enabling each student to achieve their fullest potential at their own rate, Eglish offers many opportunities for children to be proactive in their learning, ranging from outdoor education and a public speaking programme to events that encourage entrepreneurial skills and foreign exchange through Erasmus: a gamut of activities that embody core values of creativity and inclusivity to encourage students to develop their sense of self and place in a diverse world.

Changemaking Initiatives:

  • "LET's Stand" - a programme created by principal Siobhan Fitzgerald to help students develop public speaking skills
  • Sensory garden and polytunnel - The school provides lots of outdoor opportunities, and students recently raised and released butterflies into the sensory garden. Children with special needs have the opportunity to tend to the vegetables in the polytunnel.