Villa Da Vinci

School Type: Public, Secondary

Age group: 12-18

Number of students: 170

Year Elected: 2015


Villa Da Vinci was created in 2005 in response to demands from students and parents for more innovative and active teaching methods in secondary school. At Villa Da Vinci, learning is thematic across academic subjects, and students from different classes often work together. The school has adapted (and continues to adapt) the Freinet pedagogy (designed for primary schools) to address the different needs and more strict norms of secondary school. Teachers give students opportunities to develop successfully and into mature and responsible citizens. Through expression, communication, and creation, keeping the Freinet tools in mind, students can achieve effective learning that they will carry with them even after they leave the school. 

Changemaker Intiatives:

  • Weekly class councils: Include subjects such as changes in the way material is taught, interpersonal issues, etc. 
  • Adaptation of Freinet pedagogy to their secondary school curriculum