Uday Community School

School Type: Private-low income, Primary and Middle school

Age group: 6-13

Number of students: 200

Year Elected: 2015


Uday community school, Jaganpura is one of many free private schools run by the NGO Grameen Shiksha Kendra (GSK). The school provides holistic education to children from neighboring villages. The main aim of the school is to provide a kind of education that sets these children free by giving them the confidence to explore worlds outside the tiny boundaries that the society has set for them currently. Interestingly, the freedom for these children has come not just by way of academic education, but also by way of sport, art, culture etc. The case of girls from the village leaving their homes for the first time in order to take part in national level competitions is testimony to the change that the school is bringing in the confidence levels of the girls and the outlook of the villagers. Not satisfied with this, the school also is an active participant in ‘Vistaar’ (meaning ‘growth’), GSK’s initiative of supporting many government schools by sharing and disseminating their learning and experiences.

Changemaking Initiatives

  • The school provides holistic education to the children - education that is focused not just on the academics, but lays equal emphasis on sports, music, and art. 
  • Community influence: the children did village surveys and found out how much money has been spent on tobacco over a period of a year. These results were then shared with the Panchayat revealing clearly the amount of people engaging in a harmful activity.
  • Strong student voice: Children are asked to make choices collectively from deciding what time the school should open in winters to what kinds of activities to conduct in the assembly, to what lesson should be taught in class today.