TVS Academy

School Type: Private-Tuition based, Multi-level

Age group: K-10 (until 16)

Number of students: 528

Year Elected: 2015

TVS Academy, a 25 year old school in the heart of industrial Hosur, has been placing empathic action at the core of their practice. Steeped in innovation, the Academy emphasises ‘possibility,’ allowing students, teachers and parents to think critically about the world and use their skills to become active agents of change

TVS Academy was originally established to meet the need for schools in the underserved community of Hosur, TamilNadu.  In the last two decades, what was once a small, agricultural town, has today transformed into an industrial hub, with considerable affluence. This transformation is however, not without its side-effects. The region has suffered environmental degradation, along with poor social indicators: Krishnagiri district has reported high rates of female foeticide and infanticide in the state.

Changemaking Initiatives

  • TVS has created their own activity-based textbooks, which inspire children to seek, identify, understand and use knowledge independently.
  • Teachers, through a Teacher Enrichment Program, are able to constantly keep abreast of the times, and have the space and time to learn – from each other, from experts, and from other schools. 
  • The Student Conference, established two years ago, allows each child to go through a self-evaluation, a peer-evaluation and a teacher-evaluation on their academics, classroom behaviour, and their relationships with each other.