The Riverside School

School Type: Private-tuition school, Multi-level

Age group: 4-18

Number of students: 485

Year Elected: 2015


Riverside School is pioneering a new paradigm for education, one where students are led to understand the world empathetically, and not just intellectually. Students at Riverside are active in shaping their own lives, and work collaboratively with each other and external communities towards building an ‘Everyone a Changemaker’ world.

Walking into Riverside is like walking into a world of possibility.  Founded by Ashoka Fellow, Kiran Sethi, on any given day children are assigned different kinds of opportunities to take charge. Starting from designing their own learning spaces, to programs like aProCH (a Protagonist in Every Child), where the children go out, experience and shape the city of Ahmedabad as future city planners, changemaking drives the ethos of the school.

Changemaking Initiatives

  • Feel, Imagine, Do and Share: This framework encourages practice that is embedded in empathy and action, allowing children and young people to give themselves the permission to cause positive change, and to see themselves as future citizen leaders. 
  • Riverside pupils constantly link up this intellectual competency with real-world situations – they have worked with the city to design public parks, redesigned trash cans for Ahmedabad’s Municipal Corporation, and have developed innovative and useful products for low income communities in the area.