R.N Podar School

School Type: Private-tuition school, Multi-level

Age group: 4-18

Number of students: 2300

Year Elected: 2015


Over the last two decades, RN Podar School has been constantly pushing the boundaries on excellence in education. The journey of the school has evolved from focusing on academic excellence to that of preparing their students socially, emotionally and intellectually for the outside world. Constantly and creatively innovating, and using technology to work with stakeholders across the board, RN Podar is committed to now leading this shift in mainstream education.

A city school, severely constrained for space, the team at R.N Podar is constantly trying out new things to build a dynamic environment – encouraging participative classes, community engagement, and showing an openness to new ideas. With around 2,500 students, the school has developed different strategies – parent volunteer programs, conferences and smaller interventions like official Whatsapp groups – to keep the larger community of parents, partners and external stakeholders continuously engaged with the school.