K.C. Thackeray - Vidya Niketan English Medium School

School Type: Public-Private school, Multi-level

Age group: 4-18

Number of students: 530

Year Elected: 2015


K. C. Thackeray Vidya Niketan’s belief in children begins with seeing them as citizens today. Focusing on authentic learning experiences, character development and meaningful community partnerships, Vidya Niketan aims to transform society by addressing root causes of inequity and injustice.

K.C. Thackeray Vidya Niketan is a rare kind of government school. Located in the heart of Pune, the school is meant for children from low-income communities. Children at Vidya Niketan come from a range of difficult life circumstances – some who live under the bridges, and on the streets, and some who are in organized gangs in Pune city.

Changemaking Initiatives

  • The school has built a strong ethos of social activism towards leading change. 
  • Students link their own actions with larger social issues, for example, visiting a nearby river, seeing it clogged with garbage, and coming back to make cloth bags to use for themselves.
  • This school demonstrates that children in government schools can get access to quality education in as much, or even lower, per child cost as allocated.