Heritage School

School Type: Private, Multi-level

Age group: 4-18

Number of students: 3000

Year Elected: 2015


The Heritage School envisions a learning community where each is free to be and grow towards the realisation of his/her highest human potential through a harmonious integration of spirit, heart, mind and body. The Heritage dharma revolves around 6 core values- Authenticity, excellence, respect, inclusion, attentiveness and freedom. What this manifests in is a community where each individual feels valued and at ease with who they are, while constantly trying to “find” themselves and evolve.

The school stands out for its achievement in making experiential learning a reality not just in primary or middle school, but also in high school amidst the pressures of standardized testing and grades. Another seeming contradiction that the school is able to bridge effectively is the gap between 21st century skills with “softer” skills like morality, ethics to develop more holistic skills such as collaboration, and ability to absorb multiple perspectives at a much deeper level of analysis and thinking that will see them succeed in life, work and play.

Changemaking Initiatives

  • Learning from experience:  students go on an experiential learning retreat every year, which is designed to enhance and bring alive a contextual issue they are studying. 
  • From sharing fruits in pre-primary, to participating in socially relevant plays, to discussions on topical social issues, and making change through the active citizenship center – the school nurtures thinking from multiple perspectives and also provides a platform to voice these perspectives. 
  • When sixth graders in the school wanted to change the food served in the canteen, based on a nutrition and sustainability study they conducted, the school facilitated the process and provided all the necessary supports.