Yeni Okul

School Type: Private, Primary School

Age group: 6-9

Number of students: 75

Year Elected: 2014


The new school is the first primary school in Turkey to be based on the Reggio Emilia approach, adopting key elements of this highly personalized and child-centred methodology while at the same time making creative tweaks to fit the local country context. Yeni Okul believes that every child’s potential has no limits, where each child is capable and curious. The theory is that every child is endowed with 100 languages (which can be drama, art, sculpture etc.) and that education should be about helping them to express those languages in real life where they can use these skills to create value for society. The school was born out of frustration at the inflexible and limiting school system in Turkey. Yeni Okul’s founders were spurred into action by the status quo, and are determined to play their role in transforming it. 

Changemaking Initiatives:

  • Students are encouraged to develop their skills in a variety of fields (whether these are music / languages / sculpture etc.) and later to put these into action into real life team projects.
  • There is a ‘daily emergent curriculum’ and subjects are adopted and discarded according to the students’ wishes and curiosity.