Uganda Rural Development Training Center

School Type: Private, Rural

Year Elected: 2014

Located in Kagadi, Western Uganda, URDT believes in ending poverty by creating opportunities for girls from disadvantaged families through access to a transformative education. URDT supports a cohort of 30 girls per class who together with their parents, attend a visioning workshop at the beginning of the academic term where they develop a vision for their home. At the end of the academic term, the children sit with their parents to identify changemaking projects at the household level, formulate the vision of change, develop action plans to work on during the holidays and define accountability. They work together as a family unit in what URDT has defined as a Back Home program to implement the projects and share skills with their neighbors. By the time the girl completes primary school, she has achieved her vision and helped her family become economically sustainable. As a result, no child from that home will need sponsorship to attend school as the parents are empowered and able to support all of their children. 

Changemaking Initiatives

  • The school is utilized as a hands-on learning ground for students to build skills such as farming that would be valuable at home.
  • URDT is creating a new career in rural transformation by graduating rural transformation engineers. These engineers support the community, this links them with the parents of the children who are under URDT sponsorship so that they also benefit.