Tiptop international Nursery & Primary School

School Type: Private

Year Elected: 2015

Tiptop International raises children to be great leaders who will impact the society. It believes that every child has a voice and, since the inception of the school, has pioneered a system where students have class discussions on societal family and educational issues. Students also give feedback to teachers so teachers know how to improve. All efforts are guided by the core values of Empathy, Confidence, Independence and teamwork. Tip Top has created an enabling environment for children to learn and explore. It provides students opportunities to explore with the community by inviting members of their communities to discuss best practices in education and systems to raise great leaders and thinkers.

Changemaking Initiatives

  • Slower learners are matched with faster learners during interactive and group learning time. This system produced an amazing result – the slow learners improved there was no feeling of intimidation as they were learning from their peers, while the fast learners improved their relationships with peers.