St Ultan's National School

School Type: Public, Primary School

Age group: 7-12

Number of students: 420

Year Elected: 2015


Situated in Ballyfermot, a suburb of Dublin that has struggled with chronic disadvantage, Ultan’s PS currently serves 420 students. Recognised by the Department of Education as a DEIS Band 1 school, the school is considered to be tackling the highest level of social and economic disadvantage impeding education. The emphasis in St. Ultan's is on hands-on learning and active learning, shifting the focus away from textbooks. Children work in small groups within a classroom setting with in-class support teachers who work with the class teacher to scaffold learning and maximise active involvement.

Changemaking Initiatives:

  • The school is developing links with other European schools as part of an Erasmus Plus project
  • ICE (Intervention Care Education) 
  • Harnessed through the creation of an orchestra modeled on the El Sistema Youth Orchestra of Caracas with a focus upon performance and composition of music
  • The children have full responsibility of planting & maintaining the vegetable beds