St Oliver's N.S.

School Type: Public, Preschool and Primary School

Age group: 7-12

Number of students: 770

Year Elected: 2014


St Oliver’s is a Catholic school in Killarney, Co Kerry. The school has 768 pupils, with almost 50 more children in the community-based pre-school that operates on the same grounds. With 43 nationalities and over 60 pupils from the Traveller community (a marginalized group within Ireland), it is one of Ireland’s most diverse primary schools, as well as one of the largest. True to its size and shape, St. Oliver’s is a hub for the larger Killarney community. At different times throughout the year, the school is also home to local health professionals, teachers from nearby secondary schools and community groups of all kinds, as the school stays open until late every day of the week. As a result, the children’s education is uniquely centred around the living reality of the local town.

Changemaking Initiatives:

  • Empathy is cultivated through celebration of diversity in school, with 43 nationalities in the school represented with 43 fish in tank. 
  • The school hosts regular Intercultural Music, Art & Drama (IMAD) days. 
  • The children look after the Outdoor Classroom with "traveller" children given special roles on farm to increase attendance on Fridays