School Type: Public, Rural

Year Elected: 2015

In GUIRGO, teachers aim to develop collective leadership at the school and class level; at first within the class there is a student leader who emerges and takes initiatives. The teacher takes care to see that students rotate as class leaders, so that each student learns how to conduct the group dynamics. The school maintains a field of 1.5 ha that enables it to harvest five 100kg sacks of beans for the school’s local canteen. On our visit at the end of the year, the canteen storeroom had many foodstuff left over. For cultural activities, parents take charge by providing the school with musical instruments: tam tam, guimbé, castanettes, etc.  

Changemaking Initiatives:

  • For the production activities, the school has a collective chicken coop and a garden where they practice vegetable gardening (production and sale of onions). 
  • GUIRGO has a centre for early childhood wakening and education, an initiative by a villager who returned from Côte d’Ivoire.