Padre Piquer

School Type: State-subsidised, Secondary and Professional School

Age group: 12-20

Number of students: 1,000

Year Elected: 2015


Padre Piquer pedagogy derives from the ‘4 Cs’: Compromised, Competent, Compassion and Creative students. They have a very prestigious model to work with diversity (27 different nationalities). They founded the 'Multitask Cooperative Classes’: mixing 2 classes, 3 teachers of different subjects, tables with 4 students and meeting zones and teamwork. School has been awarded for being always at the frontline of education.

Changemaking Initiatives

  • Intelligent Breaks: Games and educative dynamics of collaborative learning (board games, projects management, chess by teams...)
  • Multitask Cooperative Classes: Model of work by skills. Empathy, dialogic learning, cooperation, integration of technology, working in different roles or taking up responsibilities...
  • Linking Class: Children of different nationalities who are learning Spanish. They help each other during their first steps to learn the language.