Ndagani Children Centre (ECD)

School Type: Rural

Year Elected: 2014

Ndagani is redefining nursery education enabling children to express themselves using art. Using mental welfare (memory work), drawing, and story telling (ART Therapy), the school empowers children (OVCs) to express their feelings at home and enables teachers to support the children better. This in turn improves the children’s ability to learn. Ndagani trained the caregivers in micro-finance, enabling them to form table-banking groups. Ndagani has also trained them in kitchen gardening for nutritional purposes. This is helping them fulfill the OVCs' uniform costs, exam costs, and other needs enabling the home to be self-sustaining. As part of the school’s program, administrators conduct a child status index (CSI) every term at the household level which enables them to review health, nutrition, basic cleanliness, and work with the families to improve the household status. Through the termly health check ups on children for malnutrition and health problems (MUAC) they are able to refer the children to government hospitals for further check-ups and advise the parents accordingly. Additionally, since they are working with vulnerable children, they use puppetry to discuss HIV/AIDS and sex issues with the children. Since part of the nursery curriculum requires them to talk about family members, the school has modified the curriculum and does not ask the children to do so as most of them are orphans.

Changemaking Initiatives