Montessori Oberschule Potsdam

School Type: Public, Multi-level

Age group: 6-16

Number of students: 460

Year Elected: 2014


Montessori Oberschule Potsdam is located in Potsdam in a residential area. Since 1993, the headmaster, who was supported by engaged teachers, has developed the former “normal” school, Karl Liebknecht Oberschule, into the current Montessori pedagogy. Thus, high integrative approaches are main pillars of the school concept. Having participated in a pilot experiment regarding school autonomy, the school has enhanced independence away from governmental school regulations and is constantly proving the benefits of new ways of teaching and student assessment. The school aligned itself with the vision to teach children social competences, self-reliance, responsibility and self-efficacy while supporting children in their individual development. 

Changemaking Initiatives

  • “Discovering the world” (year 1-6): six epochs (history, biology, politics, math, languages) that pupils are free to fill with selected topics. Pupils work on one epoch for six weeks and the deliverables are exhibitions, interviews, theater plays etc.
  • Project “Youth School lake Schlänitz” (year 7 and 8): Learning through challenging self-determined projects outdoors
  • Mixed-aged project work (year 9 and 10): 8 project groups that focus on science or the arts (topics: aerospace and urban space; buildings and history; climate and world hunger; measuring the world and international relations); two project groups cooperate as a team, included an “expedition” tour that students have to organize themselves