Living School

School Type: Private, Preschool and Primary School

Age group: 3-11

Number of students: 82

Year Elected: 2014


The acceleration of contemporary societal issues requires the Living School to rethinking the way children learn and grow. Living School carries a vision of education that allows each child to develop the mindset and skills necessary to adapt to our constantly changing society. Thus, the school cultivates a generation of citizens who are fulfilled and responsible active contributors to a positive evolution of mankind. It is also a school where parents are truly engaged. Positive and open, the pedagogical program offers a bilingual education and collaboration with social entrepreneurs. As a result of these methods, children are more confident, take more initiatives and learn how to live as one within a living group. 

Changemaking Initiatives

  • The school works in a partnership with local social entrepreneurs in order to inspire and engage children on issues of civic engagement. For example, the children learn about the initiatives on the reforestation of endangered species. 
  • Positive, open and non-dogmatic, it relies on three pillars: knowing how to be, co-education and eco-citizenship, while also leveraging the benefits of a bilingual education and collaboration with social entrepreneurs.