La Maison de l'Enfant

School Type: Private, Preschool

Age group: 2-6

Number of students: 36

Year Elected: 2015


The learning environment created in La Maison de l’Enfant allows children to position themselves at a young age as Changemakers through concrete projects with a positive impact on society, such as a project the fight against deforestation and the fight against global warming. These projects are also an opportunity to introduce children to science and major challenges of the world around them. Philosophy workshops, relaxation exercises, and other tools allow children to work around the notion of empathy. Artistic expression and creativity are at the heart of the educational school approach: children work for several months around the works of an artist, appropriate his style and personal story before creating in turn a work of art. Teachers have all the latitude to innovate, propose and develop teaching practices. The school now seeks to become a training center for parents and teachers who wish to train to knowledge-being and active teaching methods.

Changemaking Initiatives

  • Artistic Activity:  The students create works of art after having deeply studied the work of an artist (his style, his background, his way of thinking). Students spend significant time in the most famous exhibitions in Paris in order to prepare their work.  
  • Concrete Projects: Involving external experts (e.g. Director Luc Jacquet "March of the Penguins", French Ashoka Fellow Nicolas Métro) to explore themes, such as deforestation.