Kibera Girls Soccer Academy

School Type: Private, Urban

Year Elected: 2014

KGSA was founded to give an opportunity to girls from Kibera slum to better their lives through education. The Academy grew from the Kibera Girls Soccer team. To achieve this, KGSA has the first Micro-Finance program for students’ parents embedded into the school system. The students use the journalism company (Shedders) as a way to share their stories and realities with the community. Kibera Shedders is a multimedia business run through KGSA that uses film, photography, and storytelling to help provide power to the students’ voices. KGSA has joint exams with other schools as a way of inspiring and sharing best practices. The school has grown out of the student's initiatives that are supported by the administration and have become a part of the programs run in the school.

Changemaking Initiatives 

  • The school’s Soccer Program is an integral part of the school system and it continues to compete at a high level throughout Nairobi, Kenya, and even internationally. 
  • The school has started its first mixed class (boys & girls) to also give an opportunity to boys so that they support the girls.