Kagaani Day Secondary School

School Type: Public, Rural

Year Elected: 2014

With a no-rules policy, the school encourages the use of common sense by students as a tool to encourage and develop responsibility and deeper thinking. This is through a common assembly on Monday, class meetings on Tuesdays, and gender meetings on Wednesdays where they discuss real issues impacting the school and its students. This young school is growing from the student's initiative; student council members address issues of interest to students, monitor teachers, and initiate projects to benefit them and the school. The school believes in dialogue to address discipline issues and considers every child's ability in learning as they strive towards improving their academics.

Changemaking Initiatives

  • During class meetings, the teacher is an advisor and the student representatives lead the meetings where they discuss how they can succeed as a class. 
  • The students plant vegetables and sell to the school and they use the money to meet their needs. They also plant flowers because they want to live in a beautiful environment.