Imhoff Waldorf School

School Type: Private, Urban

Year Elected: 2014

Imhoff Waldorf School was started in 1996 by a group of parents who believed in a different education with roots in conservation of the environment. The school is situated on an old and mostly undeveloped farm called Imhoff Farm in Kommetjie, south of Cape Town. The school grounds are untamed, resulting in a natural and appealing sense of freedom. There are goats, camels and peacocks on the farm and there are rabbits, porcupines, baboons, scorpions, insects and occasionally snaked. As you enter the school grounds, there is a huge tree with a swing attached to it, high up. In entering the school, one will see many children swinging fearlessly from that tree. For us, this swing is the synthesis of Imhoff: an unparalleled experience of freedom, but within protected boundaries.

Changemaking Initiatives