Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum

School Type: Public in private sponsorship, Multi-level school

Age group: 11-19

Number of students: 450

Year Elected: 2014


The Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum (ESBZ) is a grade 7-12 school that opened its doors in 2007 with only 16 registered students. Today the school has 450 students and attracts hundreds of visitors every year including principals, teachers and university students who want to experience the ESBZ model. At ESBZ all children are treated as unique and valuable individuals who all have talents to contribute. Children are given full responsibility for their learning, therefore, there is no frontal teaching and classes are mixed with several grades. The subjects are divided into models and students self-pace their learning with the given materials. Every day students spent time on working on projects with real-live implications, such as planning the renovations for the school and then overseeing the actual work. 

Changemaker Initiatives

  • Project “Responsibility” (year 7 and 8): students engage in self-determined social responsibility every Wednesday afternoon by doing social work, for example, working in a kindergarten, retirement home or in the project “language ambassadors” (students go to schools in social trouble spots and help children in primary schools to improve their German).
  • Project “All Students Abroad” (year 11): students have the possibility to go abroad for 4 months (either doing social work, e.g. waste separation project in Brazil, or attending school overseas). Students can also choose to stay in Germany and engage in the project “language ambassadors”. After that time students engage in 3 days of reflection.