Escola Sadako

School Type: Mixed, Primary, Middle, Secondary Schools

Age group: 3-16

Number of students: 700

Year Elected: 2015


Escola Sadako is about the need of adapting education to a world that is constantly changing. They work “changemaking” systematically with his students, including subjects like ‘social entrepreneurship’, 'emotional education' and some activities of service around their community. In 2008 it was a "traditional" school, but this new team decided to change it completely into this and that's a very inspiring example to follow to other school and an opportunity for the storytelling.

Changemaking Initiatives

  • Protagonist of the Week: One student of each class speaks about him/herself to encourage self-confidence.
  • Didactic Itineraries: There are no predetermined textbooks, instead, the students design their own textbooks. They mix subjects, use resources depending on the needs or the students create them themselves.
  • Social Entrepreneurship programme: They learn to lead their impact projects in the centre of the city and the centre facilitates the process/contact.