Ecole Montessori Morvan

School Type: Private, Preschool and Primary School

Age group: 3-12

Number of students: 14

Year Elected: 2015

The educational project of Ecole Montessori Morvan is based on the needs of the child, his questioning through concrete and real experiences allowing a better understanding of the world. For its location in the heart of the regional park of Morvan, the school seeks to reconnect children to nature, to what is concrete and strengthen its relationship with the living. Ecole Montessori Morvan plays a pioneering role in understanding and modeling of what can bring the interaction with the animal to a group of children, not only in terms of well-being, but also in understanding one’s emotions and learning basic skills, like self-construction and relationship with others. In a space where action is encouraged and motivated, the child becomes aware of his own worth.

Changemaking Initiatives

  • Daily “children council": Children discuss school harmony, how the school community can live together in peace, and work on conflict management.
  • Weekly "animal mediation workshops": Children develop their relationship with themselves and with others through activities such as animal mediation (with horses) and psycho-physical therapy techniques.