Ecole la Marelle

School Type: Private, Preschool and Primary School

Age Group: 3-11

Number of students: 18

Year Elected: 2015


La Marelle is defined as a plural setting inspired by different educational proposals (Montessori, Freinet, etc.) while developing its own tools. Children from 3 to 11 years are welcomed in the same class. Initiative taking is encouraged by an emphasis on autonomy, self-confidence and perseverance. Everything is done for the child to take responsibility and feel able to go himself towards the objectives he has set for himself. A more collaborative form of leadership is transmitted to students through weekly children's councils and the conduct of an annual collective project. Teamwork and cooperation are fostered by the mix of ages within the class, by children's involvement in the daily management of the school and through cooperative learning practices. Children learn to manage their conflicts themselves through a work on self-awareness, mindfulness, communication and mediation. The school also promotes openness to the world and a close connection to nature: regular outings, gardening workshops, philosophy workshops, "Knowledge of the World" and "These men and women who changed the World" workshops, various external contributors (arts, medicine, naturopathy, sciences, religions, languages, yoga, etc.).

Changemaking Initiatives

  • Men and Women Who Changed the World Workshop: Presentation of historical world leaders, such as heroes of peace (Mandela, Malala Yousafzai, l’Abbé Pierre…) to serve as role models and inspire the children
  • School Home:  The school is like a house, which has to be taken care of. The children organise themselves to wash the dishes, to sweep the classroom, to store the material, etc. 
  • Traineeships (positive communication, mindfulness) are made available for the teachers’ team to continuously improve.
  • Weekly philosophy workshops to develop critical thinking, listening, tolerance and how to formulate a contrary opinion.