Nongana B School

School Type: Public, Rural

Year Elected: 2015

Nongana B school is part of the BS pedagogical movement: a training linking education, production and culture; dynamic practice on the site based on village realities; a new type of relations based not on the teacher-student report, but on more equal and empowering relations oriented towards village self-promotion.  

Nongana School provides two strong points:

  1. The strong relation between education and production through activities linked to the local economy: This includes animal husbandry, agriculture, and vegetable gardening. 
  2. Practice of cultural activities: This year the school was ranked 5th out of 12 troupes pre-selected for the national week of culture. The school has an impressive repertoire of folktales, proverbs, songs and dances, of local music and traditional musical instruments. 

Academic success rates recorded every year are considerably above the national average with children who have completed five years of schooling instead of six in the classic system.  

Changemaking Initiatives:

  • Raising sheep has increased the school’s finances with more than 300,000 FCFA following sales of animals fattened for the market.