Mangallé School

School Type: Public, Rural

Year Elected: 2015

The school practices collective and individual agro-pastoral production.  It maintains 2 ha of maize and 2 ha of beans. As a result, Mangallé school has no need to worry about the withdrawal of Catholic Relief Services’ food provision.  Its storeroom is filled with foodstuff to assure food security and good nutrition for the students. In parallel with the collective production activities, many students maintain individual small livestock activities and a vegetable garden at home. A teacher is a witness: “One day I wanted to send a student to the market to buy tomatoes for me to send to a relative in Ouaga. The student said ‘But sir, I have some lovely tomatoes in my garden!’” 

Changemaking Initiatives

  • The school worked with teachers and leaders of the Parent-Teacher Association and the Association of Mother of Students to change the local community’s negative perceptions of the bilingual school.