Corpus Christi National School

School Type: Public, Primary School

Age group: 7-12

Number of students: 175

Year Elected: 2015


Located in the council estate of Moyross, on the outskirts of Limerick City, Corpus Christi Primary School is committed to celebrating the achievements of all of its students, while actively addressing the challenges of life in a chronically deprived community. Housed in a vibrant school building, the school boasts modern facilities including interactive white-board technology, computer and music hubs, libraries and kitchens available for the school community’s use. These resources, coupled with a low teacher-pupil ratio, provide children with the skills they require to maximise their opportunities. Over the past ten years, and since implementing a holistic, child-centred approach to learning that engages parents, the school has increased literacy rates from 70% of students reading below the national average to 80% reading at the national average. In the same time period, teachers have decreased absenteeism rates by 40%, with attendance up to 90%.

Changemaking Initiatives:

  • The children learn through ‘non-confrontational programmes’ how to interact and communicate as part of a team.
  • The school has linked in with ‘The Irish Horse Welfare Trust’ to develop Literacy and Numeracy support and also started working with horses as a therapy channel.
  • The school provides counselling, art therapy and mindfulness programmes for parents and students.