BBOM Mutlu Keci

School Type: Private (non-profit cooperative), Primary School

Age group: Grades 1-2

Number of students: 40

Year Elected: 2014


Baska Bir Okul Mumkun (BBOM) is one of the first schools from ‘Another School is Possible’, which is an association founded with the vision of transforming the damaging and ‘one size fits all’ education paradigm in Turkey. The cooperative members of the school physically built BBOM. It is an ecologically friendly environment in a rural village location close to Bodrum in the South of Turkey. Children have been involved in all decision making processes from the very beginning and even named the school “The Happy Goat School”. They also had the final say on whether or not the school joined the Changemaker School network. Over the past year, 6 additional cooperatives and 3 new schools have opened in different regions of Turkey and the education revolution is now well under way.

Changemaking Initiatives:

  • Children develop their own weekly learning plans and are given a right to choose which workshops to attend (including ceramics, yoga, film, carpentry etc.).
  • The school environment is a very much in the nature and the children are constantly encouraged to interact with it (all materials used in class are natural / recycled).
  • Additional projects: Weekly children parliament (both moderated and reported on by a different child each week with help of a facilitator), a child led library, conflict resolution team, carbon footprint team and events team (all composed of 5-7 year old pupils).