Anchorage Fields School

School Type: Private

Year Elected: 2015

Anchorage Fields School has a vision to give quality education at a minimal cost, ensuring that all are incorporated into the academic wind of change and progress. Its core values are: Empathy, Confidence, Innovation and Integrity. Anchorage constantly designs engagements to bring students together to solve community problems. Due to this practice, the students care about the world around them, embrace and value diverse culture and curiosity beyond the school day. The school creates a community where the students feel heard, safe, and accepted through weekly meetings. From this foundation, the school gives every child an opportunity to ask questions and share ideas. From an early age, students are taught to be observant, critical thinkers, and team-players. 

Changemaking Initiatives

  • The school team ensures that the students and community at large are aware of the cultural trends and problems inherent in the community and engages both students and leaders of the community to discuss the problems and come up with solutions.