CEIP Amara Berri

School type: Public, Primary School

Age group: 4-12

Number of students: 1,100

Year Elected: 2015



Amara Berri is learning in life. Not for the "future" life, but for the life that every child lives today. In life, things are not divided; therefore, the school cannot be either. The students learn through play, "real life simulations" in class and in the relationship with others. Children participate in every aspect of the school, with special focus on communication skills (they have their own TV/Radio channels), empathy and creativity. Today, the Amara Berri is an educational system replicated in 19 schools (‘Amara Berri System’) and considered one of the most innovative primary schools in Spain.

Changemaking Initiative

  • Programme ‘FBI’: a group of students watches over the coexistence in the class. They record some short stories and they write columns for the magazine of the class where they talk in a humorous and reflexive tone concerning the issues that take place in the center. 
  • The Amara Berri System: The school has created their own pedagogical system where classes are divided into “contexts”. Each class is regarded as a process where the students learn in a creative space. They constantly socialise and assume different roles that are more or less principal depending on the task or the level of competence/knowledge.