Actonville Primary School

School Type: Public

Year Elected: 2015

Actonville Primary School is located in the small town of Actonville outside of Boksburg. Over half of the students at APS are indigent - orphaned or with unemployed parents or on a feeding scheme - bussed in from surrounding township communities every day. APS’s core values are (based on the human hand): Truth, Love, Peace, Right Action and Non-Violence and its vision is to “to provide quality teaching and learning to maximize learners potential to function in a multicultural society.”

The Change Leader is Venessa Moodle, the school principal. Venessa inherited a derelict school in financial trouble and in a few short years has brought in new leadership to the school and created an innovative model she calls “revolution through partnerships.” For Venessa and her change team, this way of leading change is a calling and they are hugely committed in their leadership and innovative changemaking initiatives.

Currently APS has close to 30 community partnerships created in order to meet the needs of the school over and above that the government provides. APS students are active participants in creating and designing these events and in helping to organize and manage them. APS has also attracted private donors to invest in Math labs and libraries, donate furniture and is now in dialogue with Philips around installing solar power to cut energy costs. There is a tremendous sense of empathy, leadership, teamwork and changemaking at APS across the board, from the students to the faculty.

Changemaking Initiatives

  • The school hosts open community days called “community heart and soul” where partners of APS are invited to the school on Saturdays to provide services to the school and larger community.
  • APS has hosted emotional wellbeing days, health care initiatives, cycle challenges, dance competitions and more.