Ecole du Colibri

School Type: Private, Primary School

Age group: 6-11

Number of students: 35

Year Elected: 2014


Ecole du Colibri believes in the potential of each child and considers that this potential can be maximized when it serves collective interests. Ecole du Colibri allows children to learn how to learn, in collaboration with others. In this school, the skills are acquired thanks to consistent cooperation and their “living together” philosophy. There are specific times managed by the children dedicated to life group: mediation learning, management of emotions, cooperative games, etc. The school also creates and maintains a strong relationship with the parents to build a coherent education between school and home. 

Changemaking Initiatives

  • Training in educational practices is available for parents, which allows them to follow the practices with their children outside school time. 
  • Cooperation-based Learning: Children share in small groups their own solutions. 
  • Live Together: learning how to live together, for example, through mediation, management of emotions, how to argue, etc.