Saint Joseph de Boondael

School Type: Catholic (Private), Primary

Age group: 6-12

Number of students: 290

Year Elected: 2014

Logo Boondael.jpg

Saint Joseph de Boondael encourages their students to work on projects and to organize themselves both collectively and individually in an open-space environment. The school has a social diverse environment and Christian roots, which always favored tolerance and curiosity for others. Through innovative activities, the children are invited to take the reins of their education on subjects that truly matter to them. The educational team promotes a citizen community where everyone is free to express his or herself on a daily basis. Nonviolent communication, celebration of diversity and the use of dialogue are strongly promoted. This ensures that children learn the essential skills to become effective changemakers.

Changemaking Initiatives

  • Students are encouraged to express themselves and take the lead on their main projects.
  • Mediator Children Program: Aims to reduce violence within the school where some pupils are elected as into a mediator position.
  • The classes are organised by cycles, meaning that 2 different ages are in the same class of 75 children supervised by 3 or 4 teachers. 
  • Knowledge Market: Children teach their peers about their passion.
  • Masterpieces: These are year-long projects that are entirely led by the student in their last year.