Robert Schuman Institute

School Type: Public, Secondary

Age Group: 12-18

Number of Students: 850

Year Elected: 2015


The Robert Schuman Institute of Eupen transforms the role of a school among its ecosystem through sustainable development. With sustainable development and all its components (ecology, economy and society/citizenship) the school enables the children to develop a very high level of empathy and an increased awareness of the world that surrounds them. They are actively involved in a wide range of projects, and the co-transformation of the school into an “eco-socio-structure”. When the students participate in sustainable development projects, not only are they exposed to the complexity of these issues, but they also become a part of this process of change.

Changemaking Initiatives

  • Environmental Program: Embraces the reduction of waste, and using education to promote environmental sustainability.
  • Cahier du développement Durable:  A school magazine that focuses on the challenges of tomorrow.