École communale fondamentale mixte de Lauzelle

School Type: Public, Primary

Age group: 6-12

Number of students: 234

Year Elected: 2015


In 1990, Jacques Benthuys, education council member of Ottignies, set up to create an active pedagogy school that would include a mixture of students with various social backgrounds. École communale fondamentale mixte de Lauzelle aims to promote participative democracy at every level. Thus, the children benefit from a “speaking area” integrated in the classroom’s structure in order allow for self-expression and reflection during the school day. The school is a unique example of a pedagogic project, which officially defines the responsibility of all the stakeholders in the education of kids, daily, and beyond school hours.

Changemaking Initiatives:

  • Vertical Classes: Classrooms have varying ages to help and mentor each other. 
  • Speaking Areas: A space where children can share their feelings without judgement.
  • Instead of having grades and points, the school uses a peer-to-peer and self-evaluation module.