Atheneum Brussels

School Type: Public, Secondary

Age group: 12-18

Number of students: 100

Year Elected: 2015


Atheneum Brussels promotes their educational project, which focuses on active (world) citizenship and the discovery of the cultural and artistic life of the capital. Throughout the year, the teachers and students explore a series of social themes. The Atheneum also gives the student council a prominent place in order to stimulate awareness of the obligations and privileges of citizenship. A very high percentage of the students participate in the student council as a result, and they how to make the changes that they want happen. They acknowledge that each student is unique and they promote differentiation and activity. Getting students involved outside of school encourages them to learn from experience rather than just from books. Students become citizens of the world and see how their actions can create impact on a global scale.

Changemaking Initiatives

  • School Newspaper: Coached by two teachers (part-time journalists for national papers), they cover subjects about the school and social issues, like immigration, from the theme weeks. 
  • The students have a different theme each month that investigates the wider Brussels cultural and artistic context.