Athénée Royal Prince Baudouin de Marchin

School Type: Public, Secondary School

Age group: 12-18

Number of students: 430

Year Elected: 2014

Logo Marchin.jpg

Athénée Royal Prince Baudouin de Marchin originally hosted war orphans and was strongly influenced by scoutism, whose values are found at each step of the educational project: empowerment of elder children, peer-mentoring, teamwork, sense of initiative, creativity and reconnection with nature. The teaching staff encourages diversity of experiences and attempts to respect a constant balance between intellectual, cultural, and sports activities, in order to stimulate a holistic development of its students. The academic track thus combines general projects such as “student rallies”, sustainable projects, and camps at the end of the year to strengthen social cohesion and actively provide hands-on experiences for students to become changemakers.

Changemaking Initiatives: 

  • 3rd year students assist in organising several educational activities and rallies or camps at the end of the year.
  • Pédagogie Maitrisée: Pilot project led by the French Community which aims to reform the evaluation system suppressing some exams.